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    Smile thanks another question

    what is tubing?

    Anyone have nice shapes to send over?

    When I download a smb file how do I know where it went? Because sometimes smb file is a combination of things so how do I figure out where it is and move it to my own folder. I had so many that i downloaded and only found two out of the five.

    Is there a way to view what is in the smb file and then move each thing separately?

    I have a few jpg frames and when I tried to resize them it resized them portportionately. I want to be able to resize it my own way like I do with paper scrap. How do I do that?

    Love this program. Lately getting only four hours of sleep and I have to clean the house, make supper, get the kids to school, work etc etc etc


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    I just know a few of the answers. Any file that has .smb goes to the embellishments folder. Any file that has .smt goes to the templates folders. If you want to resize disproportionately right click and uncheck the keep aspect box. Hope this helps some!

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    Default A few answers

    Tubing? The following link was posted in another thread:

    I didn't know either until I went surfing...

    As for looking at the files before you put them in a folder, you can choose save instead of open. Add .zip to the end of the file name. Save it in a folder that you choose to save it in.....You can then open that file and it will show you the contents. You can then move them to the folders you want to store them in.

    I hope that helps...


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    there is a way of using and resizing jpgs in them via scrap paper and you can resize to your hearts content

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