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    I think knzus is right - we post our page in the gallery (eek!! not a very popular place right now, I know! ) Then we post a thread HERE that says check out my layout in my gallery, and we put a link to the page in the gallery - just like when we do the challenges. You could also attach an image so it shows as a thumbnail. I'll do an example:

    Here's my new layout! (not new, just for effect! )

    Ok - so now our friends are supposed to click on the link to the gallery, vote the rating and make a comment THERE if they wish. For those that are opposed to going to the gallery on principle right now (seems some are boycotting, or were anyway) you can still see your friends layouts here and make a comment if you wish.

    I think SBM is trying to make a place for anyone to show off their pages so their SBM friends can see them, without worrying whether or not they get bumped off the first gallery page.
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