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    Question Hello, I am new and need help please

    I have uploaded a scrapobok page but it did not come up on this months pet contest page. What did I do wrong?

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    hi Sel and welcome to SBM

    did you try to upload the template or the published file? its the published file you need to upload (the one you go file > publish > images) this comes up as a jpeg file and is the one needed to upload for the competition

    hope that helps
    look forward to seeing your page
    angel xx

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    Hi there!

    Just in case - did you make sure that you uploaded to the contest page itself? Here's the link to The Groove's January 2007 Contest (Pets):

    To specifically enter the contest, make sure you upload to the above location and not just to your member gallery.

    Good luck!


    P.S. For anyone who needs instructions on how to upload to the gallery, click here.


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