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    Default help on my first layout

    Hey everyone - loving the friendly feel of this forum!
    Have finally purchased the full version (though was too afraid to check out the us to aussie exchange rate so hope i don't get too nasty a surprise on the visa!). Anyway i have done my first layout - it took ages because i kept moving things from here to there but am still not really happy with it. I think its because so many others here do such amazing things mine pale in comparison.
    Anyway i was hoping if i posted it here people would be willing to give me some constructive criticism or suggestions. Anyway before i do that i was wondering is there anything i should know (eg: how many kb/meg its allowed to be) before I clickthe attach file button on my post - i'm new here so i don't want to stuff up before i make friends!!!!!!

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    hi nancee

    if you click the manage attachments button below the message box it will tell you all the file sizes and which type of files allowance is allowed

    its 5mb for a sbm file (which is what a template layout is saved to)

    look forward to seeing your first post, dont worry about what other peoples layouts look like every layout is beautiful

    angel xx

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    Hi there, welcome to scrapbookmax! I havent been here too long, but I am already addicted!
    For heaven's sake dont put your work down before you even start. Some of the pages are brilliant I agree, and I was a bit overawed at first, but just do what you like, as long as you like it, that's all that counts. Everyone is different, we all like different things, and people do leave some nice comments, so just enjoy it! Look forward to seeing your pages in the gallery,

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    You are meant to have fun on here, don't feel inferior! A lot of people use other programmes such as Photoshop in conjunction with Scrapbook Max and do very clever stuff. I'd love to and maybe one day (in the distant future when I don't work!) I will have a go. My son (with a youngbrain!) says it's easy, but it's not to me. However I will plod along and with the support of the forum do what I can. If I compared to others on here I wouldn't do anything. Relax and enjoy, what you do is yours and those that matter will love it. People on here aren't critical of others anyway, we all start somewhere. x

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    One of the things to really appreciate here is that folks DON't critique your layouts and they support true good stuff you do!! That is more helpful and encouraging to the learning process!! I don't like other sites criticisms of others templates..DO this, No NO..do THAT..everyone differs in what they like and DON't like..Here..no one makes suggestions unless really necessary..Because of that I go ahead and post layouts knowing they aren't the BEST in the bunch..but I have fun..BECAUSE they encourage FUN!!! Love this place and the people in it!! We LOVE the effort!!! I've only been doing this going on three months now..and improving all the time and have so much room to grow!! ENJOY!! We LOVE your enthusiasm for what you work at!!! That's what they grade you on!!!

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    Angry HI all!!

    please help me as to make to take off the deep white of the figure and transforms it into a GIF, anticipates my gratefulness, if they alguem will be able to help ok me kisses

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    Rosana try this...

    Você pode download o gimp e é livre, nao justo uma experimentação. Faz a maioria de coisas que os programas caros . Download at: http://www.gimp.org /windows/ TUTORIAL PARA FAZER TRANSPARÊNCIAS DO PNG USANDO O GIMP 1.Open seu clipart no programa 2.Go do gimp à camada & estalam sobre a transparência, estalam à direita para o menu 3.Click adicionam sobre a canaleta 4.Go do alfa à ferramenta-seleção 5.Click seleto ferramenta-tools-fuzzy em seu fundo branco 6.Go para editar & estalar sobre cortou 7.Go lima-conserva como. Nomeie seu original. Escolha o dobrador que você quer conservar dentro. 8.Click no tipo-clique seleto da lima no png estalam sobre economias. 9.In a caixa que vem acima, colocam um checkmark ao lado: excepto a cor do fundo; excepto a definição; excepto valores da cor. 10.Hit aprovam este soam como muitos das etapas, mas é realmente rápido & fácil fazer. Fazer isto começará livrado "da caixa branca temida". Se você tiver quaisquer problemas, o PM mim e mim tentará ajudar-lhe


    Gimp is free!

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