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    All your pages are really good! You dont need any suggestions on how to improve them, you're doing great on your own, and besides everyone has their own style, and yours is fine!
    Carry on scrapping,


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    Nancee first welcome to SBM we are so glad to have you here..I know you are going to love it..don't every worry about posting your work..all of us were new to this one time and
    had the same feelings as you..I thought your Pages were great..I love the fact the you did the journaling on them..I thought the commment about what your little boy wanted to name the baby was so precious..some people choose not to do journaling but how is anyone ever going to know who what when and where years from now..Please come and join us the Days of our Scraps forum..we have a wonderful time in Scrapsville its a great place to get to know everyone.. carry on and looking forward to seeing more of your work in the gallery...

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    Have just looked at your lo. I love the animal one. I use to facepaint at all the local carnivals etc.I must dig out the photos of my kids, I used them as models and they were only small. Thank you for posting that , it has given me a push to find them.

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    I digitally scrapbook like I paper scrap.... with straight lines ... fairly basic. It's just my personality and it shows through! I enjoy everyone's style though! Please share ... cuz what you think is not good will probably be fantastic to all of us!!!

    mom to McKenna & Collin (my 2 legged kids) ~ Samson & Gabby (my 4 legged kids)
    I love, love, love scrapbooking!!!!!

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