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    Default d27 Matching Jan Challenge TAGS and GOLD tags

    I've been busy learning how to make TAGS..So here's a vellum orange with brown trim and orange with brown trim and also a verigated outside with pink inside tag for January Challenge matching. Now..something SPECIAL added. I made this gold tag and learned how to engrave anything inside. So here you have a plain gold tag with beveled edges and one that says love. If you don't have the ability to do this yourself and would like me to take the gold tag and engrave something special..Please let me know the FONT type desired and the NAME to go in it and I'll send it to you. Several requests and I'll post them together in THIS Thread..Okie Dokie!!? Hope you can use..

    Newbies..just simply click the blue link and choose OPEN..It will download to your embellishment folder in SBM..there you can choose where to break it down even more or leave in folder. d27 identifies me as creator so you know I allow this as shareware and don't restrict you from using them. Just don't claim as your own and add restricts to them.
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