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    Default December Challenge!

    Using the template attached, take the elements that are included on this page and make this layout look DIFFERENT!!!

    You can use your advanced features options to change the hues, emboss, tint, etc.

    YOU MAY NOT USE ANY ELEMENTS OTHER THAN WHAT I HAVE INCLUDED HERE with the exception of changing the alphabet "N" to go with whatever theme you are working on and of course, you may change the "your photo here" mat to a photo.

    You can resize, recolor, rearrange, crop, duplicate existing elements, use your advanced features to create effects, etc but DO NOT ADD ANY ELEMENTS!

    When you post your layouts, please tell us what you have changed and if you learned any new techniques! Feel free to ask your fellow scrappers questions about using advanced features. THis should really be an exercise in creativity!

    This challenge will be up for the month of December so feel free to complete it several times if you would like! Good luck and have fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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