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    Thumbs up Just had to share this cool utility...

    I just came across the coolest utility from PC Magazine. It's call PackEmIn: PackEmIn takes the thinking and time out of burning DVDs and CDs (and other media) efficiently. You simply select the files you want to copy, tell it the media you have, and then burn the files to the media, whether it's CDs, DVDs, or even floppies. It performs all of the complex calculations for you.,1895...06DHT3C0001154

    Hope this is helpful to the group... Wishing you all the most wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

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    That's actually a really neat little utility. Specific to this forum, it'd be perfect for backing up a few gigs of embellishments onto CD's easily.

    Has anyone tried this program? I'm interested to know if it is indeed as good as the review above makes it sound.


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    Very interesting, thank you

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    Thumbs up It really works GREAT!

    Desmond, I'm really please how easy and simple this utility is, it's worth the $7.97 that I paid to download it.

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    Does anyone know if the software is compatible with Vista?

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