Offensive Language
Language deemed to be offensive to any visitor or member of our Online Community is not allowed.

Community signature may not contain any links, URL’s or other advertisements.

Posts containing ‘spam’ are not allowed in the Scrapbook MAX! Online Community.

Value Added Service Links
Links to services that can be used with Scrapbook MAX! (e.g. print services) can be posted freely in the forums, when requested by other users.

Online Store Links
Scrapbook MAX! has launched a content store ( containing high-quality templates and embellishment kits. Members of the Scrapbook MAX! Design Team certify that their content is original and does not infringe on any copyrights.

Designers can promote their content section within the Scrapbook MAX! store freely; however, because Scrapbook MAX! has no control over the quality or origin of content sold in third-party stores, these stores may not be promoted in any post or signature.

Users found to be violating any Online Community rules may receive a warning and/or an infraction. Accounts of users who continually violate our forum rules may be temporarily or permanently disabled.

Last Updated: November 17, 2006