I have just uploaded a template which I had a request for from LINDA by PM.. It's for her dear friend who is battling Cancer and as gift a scrapbook of Debbies Family will be made and presented to her. I think this is a wonderful thought Linda that will boost her spirits and she will treasure the photo's -It is my Wish for Debbie that she beats this disease and returns to her family in full health so I called the template done in her favourite flowers ( Pansies) "Wish for DEBBIE"
I cant put a link in yet as at this moment it has not appeared in the store...I'm going to bed now and By the time I wake up it should be in there .. so this is to let you know LINDA that I have done this for you! .. the personalised wordart.. I will upload to the forum in the sharing section in a couple of days time...and you can collect it from there free of charge-- Give my love to Debbie and wish her well for me