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    The Booster Pack Builder is a helper utility that you can use to create "Booster Packs" from your own embellishments that are compatible with SBM...

    Here's the link and a little more detail

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    Quote Originally Posted by srussell View Post
    I've written a FREE program called "Booster Pack Builder" to help anyone that might want to build booster packs for Scrapbook MAX! It's really easy to use and has a step-by-step wizard to help you thought the process. You can add an entire folder of images , which is one feature that many people were asking for.

    Click this Booster Pack Link to view the download instructions.

    I am also doing a "soft" opening of my new site, iiRe Design and Development
    today, so take a look around... you might see something you like!
    Thanks Steve, don't know how I missed this one. Have been using the older version and was frustrated adding one at a time too.


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    Default How do you delete a booster pack?

    How do you delete a booster pack from scrapbook max? I messed up and now I have these two blank pack in my scrapbook max program! It's annoying me! Any help is appreciated!

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    Hate to be a bummer but I found a trojan virus attached to my epacker file. I don't know if it came with it or attached itself to it but my computer crashed and would not turn back on and that is the file that was reported as infected. FYI.

    aka Crystal Jozlin- CJozzy- Crystal's Creations

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