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    Default Organizing files

    Okay, I have had the software for a couple of weeks now and after making an initial 5 pages I have not used it since. I have been too busy pulling in my other digital elements, quick pages etc. Getting my photos put in a folder (the ones I want to scrapbook) and all around organizing! While I am at it does anyone have any tips for keeping them all straight. I have the scrap maxi folders each with a folder that says third party and folders in each of those. I figured out how to make the thumbnail show up so that has been very handy.

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    Good Luck Schwabby!!

    I have a Master file and in that I have a File Per Designer. In the Designer's folder are files named for each of the kits from that designer. That's How I keep it straight!!

    Now my Pictures Master file for each year, then each month has its own file.

    You have to find what works best for you.

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    Kimmyann, when I bought Scrapbook Max! All the new kits went into a programme which I access from the tool bar above the new page I have opened. Any new kits go there too, but now I have so many it takes ages to scroll to find what I am looking for.

    After your tip ages ago, I can now access them by going through 'my documents' and clicking onto ScrPbook Max!, 'Gallery' then 'images. All the bought kits are there but not the expansion packs....which really isn't a problem I don't suppose.

    Once in embellishments, backgrounds, paper scraps etc I cannot make a new folder to put the kits in categories. I right click on 'create folder' but then when I try to move the selected kit into the new folder it tell me the destination folder is the same as the source folder and won't let me move it. HELP PLEASE
    X x xhugs x x x
    Stella x x x x


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