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    Default Hello Im a Newbie

    I have always wanted to get into scrapbooking and this way just seems so great. Im a stay home mom of two beautiful girls. So how do you print off the pages that you do? How do you get backgrounds?

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    Welcome to the best scrapbooking site ever! Once you get the hang of it your going to be addicted. There are a lot of wonderful people in here that are very helpful and talented. If you see something that you like all you have to do is download it. I print my pages at home, but SMB has a place that for a small fee and really nice work can print them out for ya. I'm sure someone has done that and will chime in soon. Have fun exploring and I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas.

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    I haven't tried printing but will have to go to a print shop for above A4 or buy an A3 printer! Thats n awful lot for one page. I'll have to investigate. Any developments Max in expnding the print service?

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