Hello everyone,
I am absolutely amazed at your skills and creativity on this forum. Your FAB scrapbooks leave me with such a lot to learn. I feel like I did as a child when I was learning to play the piano........I so wanted to be excellent at it straight a way I was so frustrated by the learning process.

As you know from my brief introduction of "me", my passion is my Hermann tortoises and I would love to make a scrapbook of them. I have checked out the site and there are so many different kits and embellishments on offer, but what I find as a stumbling block is I cannot see what comes with the kits and therefore their suitability.

Here is where the learning to play the piano shortcuts come in. With all your knowledge are there any kits etc you could point me in the direction of that would help me with my project.

I had two hatching arrive yesterday......they are gorgeous!!!!
Hugs x x x