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    Default Printing out the scrapbook pages

    Hi, I bought Scrapbook Max so I could format my family tree I have been researching for over 20 years. I specifically want to print the pages out so it becomes a historical novel for future generations.

    I am sure thee are members here who have printed out the pages for various reasons. Can anyone advise which is the best paper to use. I have tried photo paper and it seems to scratch very easily, ordinary printer paper appears to loose the 'stand out' detail.

    Thank you x x x hugs x x Stella x

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    Hey Stella!!

    I can give you my thoughts, because I went through the same thing your are with printing my pages. What I found was photo paper would smear if you printed more than 1 page at a time!! Yuk!!

    What I have found that works best it Card Stock paper...It absorbs the color and an archival type paper. When you print, make sure your printer is set on Best Quality also.

    I have bought Large 3 ring binders and I buy the report sleeves and place my pages in them. Works beautifully!!

    Another option you may want to think about is something like Artscow(dot)com, I have had several of my books printed by them and they turned out wonderful!!

    I hope this helps you!!

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    Hi Stella I did mine with 8x8 photo album when you print your pages off they fit perfectly You can get book kits all you have to do is add photos and text they have 20 pages some of them you can also get a matt photo paper that prints and keeps the colour bright hope this helps


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