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    Default Question on 8x8 templates

    If I purchase templates that say they are 8x8, can they be resized to use as a 12x12 page?

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    You can definitely resize your pages in Scrapbook MAX!, however, if you are going to size up as you describe, it is possible that there may be some loss of quality (pixelation, blurriness) when it comes to printing and publishing. (I've sized up and printed out with no problems for my own personal projects, but it will depend on the template you are using).

    So, if you do size up, you may want to test publishing or printing one of your pages in the desired format before printing out multiple pages or a whole scrapbook just to make sure that you like the results.

    Hope that helps!

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    Default thank you!

    yes, that definitely helps! Thank you very much!


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