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    Trembling I enter my page... Did I do it right this time Oh Great Queen of Challenges?
    I did
    Rules: at least 6 lines of words, all lined up

    bigger words and smaller words in the block

    Now you cant tell me off! Hit Marion this time she only did 5.. The only way you can make them listen is severe punishment like you do to me. Maybe demerit points... 5 points and they are banned for life from SBMax?
    You must control this unruly bunch Kaye! LOL
    For this challenge I used some of our next release kit
    called Grunge DK ( short for our names Dee- Kaye and a play on words - Grunge decay))
    I did the block words which is not in the kit just for the challenge, but it is also a sneak peek at what is to come soon in the store - Grunge DK.. block words is really very different than word art hey! I kept wanting to turn it into wordart but I learned it IS VERY different so Blocking is a new thing I learned and will use in future ... thanks kaye!! xoxo

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