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    Question Tile paper not keeping tile size

    I am using the pink tile sheet that came with the software. I am trying to create an 8X10 page. When the tile is selected to be used, the tile size is very small compares to what is shown when I select it from the list of papers to use. The tiles are in the correct size when I am creating a 750X550 pixels size page but not 10X8. Please help... and let me know how I can modify the properties to keep the tiles bigger like shown in the selection list.

    THank you.


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    The size of the image that you're using for the tile does not change. When you create your 8x10 pages, it takes more "tiles" of the same size to fill the larger area.

    Also, if you aren't aware of it already, you can "zoom in" to the actual page size (i.e 100%)... Just right-click anywhere outside of the page area, select "Zoom Level" and choose whatever size you want.. i.e. 100%

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