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    thanks Marion..All true..
    Thanks for the mini kit idea.. I should try that-- to make it a habit!
    I still cant see all of these changes happening unless admin appoints someone to focus ENTIRELY on " forum Management" -not administrator to just keep an eye on posts but someone to really collate all the ideas and put them into action - to oversee the orchestration of the things that bring people in and make them loyal to their cyber scrapbook home..I guess you could say Marketing Manager! It does seem that many have gone to other sites simply because it is more fun and inspirational there... I thought it was because digital scrapbooking was dying but NO! it's because THIS SITE is dying. It's just as well the SBMax software is SO GOOD otherwise Max would already be dead.
    ***** Point for Admin to ponder:
    Is the action on the forum really affecting Sales of software and sales in the store?

    I can't comment on software program sales but I do know that my sales are down to half and sometime a quarter of what they were 6-8 years ago. and therefore I mostly can't be bothered with the time and effort... I used to do at least a new kit every single week for years... now?? one a month or less.there is no point when people aren't here.

    If Admin created another position on "staff" for someone to turn that around I believe it would be absolutely worthwhile.
    This is no reflection on Karin, who come to think of it is the ONLY Face we see from admin.. She is the most helpful, tactful, diplomatic and friendly soul around.. but she must have so many other things that she is doing behind the scenes. If admin paid someone say a mere $250 a month , someone capable of organizing and creating and collating fresh ideas and carrying them out here that money would be returned 10 fold... each active designers sales would probably increase by that much a month!!!...
    There are such ones right here on this forum banging their heads against the wall and giving up because they dont have the authority to implement these schemes..admin could negotiate with someone they thought capable and a paypal monthy payment made just like designers payments?
    Anyway I'v had my say and can only hope Admin will discuss this thread and do something?

    P.S. I do notice that every time I come on the site there are 40-50 visitors ... always, every time so what happens to them? SBMax loses them? KEEP them here... they obviously check out the site but dont find it ENTICING enough to become a regular... we can only builld customer loyalty if they love it here.... even if they buy the software they may not bother to come back to the store.
    ADMIN point to ponder #2: Scrapbookmax software is unique the way it works and some people may find it hard to use kits bought from other stores in it.. so 1. they don't like the forum & the store & gallery are not what they could be ( display wise) so WHY would they buy the software if they are regulars at OTHER sites and dont know how to use other kits... WE need them to buy software and KITS from here... we Need them to "LIVE" here
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