My New Year's Resolution Number ONE is...

May I truly be thankful for all that is done for me and EXPRESS it within a 24 hour period!

For Max Developers and Administrators....THANK you for helping to create and sustain the greatest scrapbooking program out there! I do everything in it..make lessons, games, templates of ALL sizes, shapes, tiles, newsletters, invitations, postcards, is endless what I can do with it!

For the kindness of strangers on Max that leave warm and gracious comments of thanks and appreciation for the little freebies I leave and items I showcase! The strangers fade as the familiarity of there continuous warm comments make them friends!

Thanks for Carena's weight chart signature...a true inspiration to me to lose the FAT!..

Thanks to Kapi and her continuous support to the Challenges she gets little in return for doing...monetarily..that is.

Thanks to the Angelwithin for the countless past challenges and goodies left in her wake! and friendships made a plenty!

Thanks for the CT' KimmyAnn, Tin Tin, Monkey Two?..sorry, cheesepiece, Letha, Marion, Wench, and others...trying to remember them all..sorry.. for their
continuous GORGEOUS template displays that give us inspiring ideas!

I'm most especially grateful to the Creator of the Universe we live in! He truly is involved in all our lives for the good.

HUGS to you all!