It's the beginning of the year! Time for new blinkies I think! LOL

OK folks..I'm back to making blinkies again...anyone wishing me to make them a special blinkie just request and give details as to colors, items in blinkie, what you want to blink, etc... If you want to use items from a kit you will have to send me the items and I'll give you my email through Max emails. I will only use them for your blinkie and delete them when blinkie is made..Because blinkies are personal use to you only...any kit is OK to use. I will keep the PSD files for any changes that need to be made.

Favorite quotes
Favorite Scriptures
Your ebay name and hobbies
Or just your ebay name..

Winter theme
Summer theme

Birthdays announcement, etc..

I always make each blinkie unique to the individual..

Let me know in this post and I'll do them in the order received..

I do NOT work on the Sabbath..Friday evening and no replies will be given at that time..ThANKS!