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    Default Be a MAX Shaper!! earn you flair/button!

    Here's an opportunity to earn your flair for being a true SHAPES lover in Max..

    Watch this tutorial...pause when ever you need more time and make some shapes using your scrapbookMax program! I donated some triangles, circle, the Autumn Kids Challenge Pack if you need more shapes to help!

    It's 8 mins long!

    When you donate..I'll send you the link you can attach to your signature! Collect the Max Flair button in another thread for just reading the tutorial and making comments!

    See flair on my signature..Let's have fun!

    (anywhere you donate SHAPES on Max qualifies you for the flair!)

    And for the newbies not familiar with HOW to donate a shape...

    Open a REPLY to thread...go to bottom of box and hit ADVANCED..
    Then click on the Paperclip like object in the tools area...ATTACHMENT.
    A box should open from Max...go to ADD FILES at top area
    Find your item (hopefully png form)
    Click on upload
    AFter upload finishes (maximum size limits around 500kb, and 5 MB for smb files)
    CHECK and DRAG the item to the bottom long box
    Then click on INSERT in line, DONE!
    Then finish comment and hit reply!

    Hope that helps! Please donate some fun!
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    DLT corner shape.png

    Made this corner shape for freebies in Gold trimmed alpha new releases! Enjoy!

    Simply RIGHT click on image
    send to desktop freebies or send to SBM>Gallery>images> shapes> NEW folder named FREEBIES!


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