Bet that got you curious!!

What i want you to do is to source your own free embellishments, whether this is a kit that is free to use for anything ie: a designer says do whatever you want with my stuff!!

The reason being is because we are all going to make quick pages with your fabulous LO's and share them with our scrap book max buddies.

So, however, or whatever you use from a designer, you must check with them first to ask if you can share the page.

So we need a theme and a colour scheme, that way if you decide to make a photo book with all the pages you get it will be themed and co-ordinated.

You can make as many pages as you want, but i would love to see at least 2 pages from each of us that way we could get a 20 page book, how awesome would that be!

Now the way I make a quick page is with Photoshop, i make my page LO first using SBM, then use photoshop to make the photo cut outs, so if you have photoshop I can give you a tutorial on how to do it, if you don't then send me the file and I will do it for you.

So the theme is summer/beach, purely as it is hot here!! and for all you Notherners it will make you feel warmer lol

So the colours can be blues, yellows creams, red.

All clear?? its early in the morning so my outline may be a bit muddled lol