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    Wink New user questions

    Hi everyone. I would like some info before I purchase it this week, actually in a few days. Thanks so much for your help and info/advice.

    1. I have tried out the trial version and love it! I have saved pages now that I would like to keep. They are saved under the Scrapbook Max folder. When I purchase the full version, will those pages still be there? Or do I need to do a back up?

    2. Now the price for this is $39.95. Is this forever as a one time payment or is this a year subscription and will I have to pay for more later? I am just making sure I have the info I need. Thanks.

    Thanks again.

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    It's a one off price and worth every penny. I didn't try out the trial version but I'm sure they are saved as the full version downlods and then when you get the cd there is even more on it!!! Then you come here and loads of generous people give you more until you spend so much time on here you get nothing else done because you are an addict!
    Welcome to the world of scrappy addicts

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