Hi guys, I feel that i need to reintroduce myself after all these weeks of being away lol

we went on a long holiday for 6 weeks back over to the east side of Australia and visited family and friends, amongst them being Deanne (moonbeam) and her hubby, we had alovely time with them!

prior to going away though we had to pack up house and move all our things to our friends house to store for us while we were away. Whilst over there we had a call from a friend who lives here at the same place as we do and said they were leving the town and if we wanted to move in it was ok with the owner! Happens the date we were due home coincided with the date they were leaving, so all has worked out well and we are now in the house, with boxes still everywhere....a work in progress.

So what am I up to now with scrapbooking? I had a bit too much on my plate so I have reduced the amount I do now. I was a CT for a scrapping site, but have just given that up to concentrate on being a CT for Moonbeam still and Sandrine still, as well as being a CT member for another lovely designer called bekah E designs.

I concetrate a lot of effort in making templates/quickpages and photobooks for sale (in a different store}using Sandrines kits and also keeping my blog up to date.

So I am busy with all this, plus my every day life of course, so that is where I am at.

Give me a few weeks to sort some things out here at home and I MAY do some more challenges!! WOOT! I miss hosting them actually.

Seems like a few more people might be about so I hope you all join in the fun, we need more challengees, a lot of work goes into creating them so it would be great to have all your support!