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    Default 4x6 Brag Book SHape Alignments Set 1 and freebies

    Howdy good's been awhile!!

    After making this years presents for THAT time of year..I've got lots to give away and sell..

    4x6 photo prints here in the USA were on sale for 1 cent each at snapfish in I took advantage.

    Here's a set of SHAPES for 6" wide by 4" tall brag books for quick page makers. Get a nice background, select a paper scrap to cut and plop on your page and put the pictures on or behind your alignment shape. Easily converts to 7" wide to 5" wide, and to the 11" by 8.5 " size. Use your invert tool for more opportunities of fun.

    Here are two sets of freebies..2 is old time on SBM and here are the shapes to go with it..

    Then we have another template with alignment use for some fun small slanted pictures I converted to black and white. Saw an acrylic frame like this in a department store and loved it! So now it's Maxed for you! I deleted the alignment shape when finished and simply grouped the pictures and floated to a new spot on page and ungrouped them. Grouping allows you to size up or down if needed.

    The free template is just a starter fun for you! So many lovely kits in the store to use these with! WOW!!

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