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    Default Where to save downloaded items

    I am brand new to digital scrapbooking. I found the items I downloaded from scrapbook max in the gallery. I also purchased some things from another website. Can I save them in the gallery too or do I always use the browse button to get to those?

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    You can save the items wherever you think it's most convenient. If you want to save under My Documents > Scrapbook MAX!> Gallery> Images (and then the appropriate folder after that) that's fine.

    Alternatively, instead of browsing to your folders from within Scrapbook MAX!, you can drag and drop items onto your page. To do that, open up your project, and in another window open up the folder where you keep your images. Choose an image with your mouse and "drag" it onto your project page. It will ask if you want to add as Photo, Embellishment, Paper Scrap, etc. - choose the one you wish and it will be added to your page, ready to move, resize, and edit as usual

    Hope that helps!

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