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    Question How do you use a mask in Scrap Max?

    Hello everyone!
    It has been awhile since I have scrapped any pages. I need to be refreshed on how to use a mask,and also can "shapes from other sources be used in Scrap Max?
    Hope all are doing well.

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    Hi Judy!

    To get to the shapes gallery (i.e. add a shape or mask to your object):

    First add a Photo or Paper Scrap to your page. On the Properties box (the one that shows up as you add your item), select Custom Shape and Change Shape. This will take you to the shapes gallery. Choose the desired shape and click OK. The shape will be added to your object!

    To add shape to a Paper Scrap or Photo that is already on your page, just double click on the object to call up the Properties box, and follow the steps described above.

    There's a short video that shows you how to add shapes as well on this page:

    Just scroll down a bit to find the video called: "Working with Shapes in Scrapbook MAX!"

    As for using shapes from other sources, can you tell me what specifically you are trying to use? With a bit more info, I may be able to help!

    And if you have any other questions on this or anything else, just let us know!

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    Thank you so much for your quick response. By "other sources" I am referring to shapes I may purchase from other sites. Will they work in Scrap Max?


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