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Why did you put in a siggie that you hated ?? lol...I have to say it was a bit bold and brassy and BIG...sheesh Kaye tell us how you really feel!! hehe

Ok since I am being honest teeheehee...I think you need some snazzing up off it and take the yellow background away, I don't mind the moonbeam and the SBM designer part, it just needs a few swirls/flowers/grunge
Why did I put it in? I don't know.. been so rusty and away from the forum lately needed to do " something" on the forum LOL.. I didnt know I hated it until I put itin...It was too late at night to change it.. but it was so huge and bulky and ugly hey! Tell me how you really feel lol.. you thought I'd been kidnapped and some horrible vengeful enemy of mine put that horrible siggy in there LOL
I feel so deflated now I took the other one out too LOL better none than a yukky one! LOL