the top Likes - from 10 scrappers

1 - Leaves / Vines - 10
2 - Ribbons / String - 9
3 - Flowers - 7
4 - Splotches/scattered BG stuff - 6
5 - Word art x 6
6 - Lace - 5
7 - Frames x 5
8 - Doodles/swirls x 4
9 - Clusters x 4

the top Dislikes - from 10 scrappers

1 - Cartoony stuff x 5
2 - Jewels /gems x 4
3 - Journal tags x 4
4 - Journaling x 3
5 - Buttons x3
6 - Pre shadowed items x 2

So the results are in!! I must say I am surprised by some of the likes and the dislikes.

It is no surprise to me that leaves/vines are at the top, however I would have said flowers and I am suprised they are actually 3rd! The rest I am neither surprised nor not surprised.

As to the dislikes....I am very surprised at journlling being in there, but! cartoony stuff, that is not even something I had considered, I think they look awesome, if done right.

There are many different varieties of kits, that suit a variety of LO's

So what are we going to do...this is a challenge that will involve 2 LO's

I want you to choose 4 things from the likes and 2 things from the dislikes to make a LO, you may use things over and over and different varieties, you can't use anything else in your LO, only 6 items form both lists

Before you post it, sit back, read the intructions again and check you have done it right

Second, i want to see a cartoony LO from everyone who chooses to accept the challenge, lets see what we can come up with...I will also take part in the challenge.

Have at leat 5 cartoony items in the LO

I know we can make them look good!! If you don't have anything cartoonish, you can always look through google images for png files to download, but I m sure if we go through our kits we will find 5 we can use.

Ok GO!! lol