Yes this is going to be a challenge, but not yet first I have some questions for you all!

I would like you to PM to me...and please make sure it is the private message

1. I want to know what are your top 10 favourite things you like using in a kit.

2. I want to know your least favourite things you don't like using on a layout, I won't limit it to a certain number, however i would like at least 5!

I will start and share my likes and dislikes, just to give you examples, but remember I am the only one that will say them "out loud"

Please designers take no offense, everyone has their personal opinions, what one likes, another might hate and vice versa. I hope it will be useful to you actually!! I will publish the total results

these aren't in any order, it is just as I think of them.


1 - Flowers
2 - Leaves/vines
3 - clocks
4 - string
5 - ribbons
6 - grunge splotches
7 - word tags/art/writing thats kind of erased that you put in the BG
8 - lace - straight bits,/torn bits etc
9 - rafia
10 - hearts

I say dislikes, but it could be just stuff you never use, perhaps as you/me just not sure how to use them

1 - Journal cards/tags
2 - not overly fond of buttons, however I do use them ocasionally
3 - A number of kits I have have a bar of soap in them??? lol anyway i have never used a bar of soap
4 - Gems
5 - prearranged embellishments, purely because I like to do it myself

Ok hope that gives you some Idea of what i want.

Don't forget this will turn into a challenge, but we have to wait till my questionaire is filled out