I was so inspired last night....If you want to know by what PM me and you might get something very nice passed onto you!

And I want to just sit here all day and do these lol but I can't

So I played this morning and come up with this word art embellishment combo.

I know we have done a word art challenge before, but it was just words, I love all the embies with it. So with this I created some word strips first, then i added the embies and background splotchy things, then added it to a lo.

So your mission is to create a word art embie combo! And we will share them around!!

However you must ask permission from the designer, and please use a designer from SBM, after all it is a SBM challenge. if you are able to use their kit and give away a freebie that you make with it! If you have free kits, or embies from anywhere, or your own creations that is fine, no permission is needed. i used my own word strips and the embies were freebies.

Please credit the designer that you use, because they have kindly let you give away a part of their product.

Make as many as you want, also if you want to add it to a LO and show us that is fine, but not required.

You need to make it a PNG file to share, but to add it in here for us to see it must be a jpeg file as you can't upload png files here

We will talk about how to share them when we have a few here.

Enjoy, I can't wait to see what you come up with!!