My latest new scene kit but as you will see it can be used in a regular layout with framed photos also. I love this kit.

Easily recognizable by it's distinctive black eye patches, ears and body, the giant panda features with his favourite food, bamboo, in this unique digitally hand painted scrapbooking scene kit. Here you will find a fine crafted hand painted elements that haven't been available in the scrapbooking world before. A combination of previously traditional painting techniques have been combined into a digital art form. It's my pleasure to be able to combine my artwork into the digital world and bring to you: Panda in the Bamboo by Carena's Designs.

Here is the entire collection put together. It's MEGA BIG - for MEGA FUN

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Light colored papers

Scene - darker look papers

Ploppers - Quick Pages - THESE are DOUBLES - great for albums