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Ebay is wonderful for gathering different colors.... They mailed them to me You want some?
Sadly Kimmyann - Sadly our importing restrictions wouldn't allow. They would have an absolute fit with plant matter coming into New Zealand. Very strict NO NO NO. Fines, fines and more fines.
Actually I can buy them here and have a number of them but it's always so much cheaper to get some from friends or neightbours gardens. Shame we aren't neighbors.

Actually it will be some time before I could take any pictures of them - as we are coming into winter. Everyone is excited about their gardens coming into flower and we are opposite.
Strangely I am finding myself in more the Spring Cleaning Mood right now. I seem to have my seasons mixed up. Everywhere I look I need to clean up in the house - re-aranging cupboards etc etc. What a mess when you ignore it all for so long and scrap you time away.