Hi everyone:

First, thanks so much for the help on figuring out page sizes, saving as images, etc. I'm beginning to understand this all a lot better and I just cannot get over how helpful everyone on this forum is. You are all such an inspiration!

Now I need to do labels but have played around with it and can't seem to figure this out. I'm hoping someone has done this before.

I have an image saved and want to print multiples (there are 2 to a page) on an Avery label. The label is #8164 which says the labels are 3-1/3 x 4". I've saved my image as 3.33 in. x 4 in. I think that's correct??

Now I assume I add a new page and set page size up for the full sheet of labels? I'm not sure how to correctly place the images on the page to account for margins, perforations, etc. Can someone please walk me through this?

I tried to go in to Word and set it up just to see if I was doing it right. The page is set for #8164 and I can see the perforations on the template but when I "insert" my image they don't fit correctly and I have to resize it so I lose part of the image.

Thanks for any help on this.