Hi again everyone -

This is my second post in just a few minutes. I am totally new to SBM. I've been playing with it for a few days (and love it I might add) so I have figured out a number of things through trial and error and by reading the forums.

The one thing I am really confused with is how to do page size and save my project as an image to then put multiples of the same image on one page to save on printng. I hope I make sense here as I try to explain:

I have a project with 3 pages in it. This is for a birthday party I'm doing for my grandson. One page is an invitation, another page is going to be a label for goodie bags, and another page is for cards I want to use for the food. I am confused as to how to save all of these. I want to print the invitation on card stock, most likely 5 x 7, the labels for the goodie bags probably 3 x 5, and the food cards like 2 x 4 or something.

This is what I have done but am I doing this right? First, while I'm on the page, I go up to "Page", then to "Settings", then to "Size". Is this where I am setting the size I want to print? For example, say the invitation: Do I click on "custom size" and then put 5 inches x 7 inches with a 300 dpi? Not sure if this is right.

After that, I go to "File" and then "Publish", and then "Images". This is where I'm really confused. I see "Preset" and I click on "Full Size" and then "JPG". I've seen a lot of people say you should set your image to 300 dpi but the highest that it goes 100 on there.

My goal would be to put 2 invitations on one sheet and then cut them. For the food cards I'd like to be able to put 8 or 10 on one sheet and cut them. I don't quite understand how to do that and now today I was thinking that maybe I am supposed to be saving things as images and then go into another program (like Word or something) and setting things up in there with 2 on a page, 8 on a page, etc. I am SO confused.

Can someone let me know if I'm doing ANY of this right? I really apologize for being so "green" here, and for rambling. I hope you can understand what I'm trying to do. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I'm determined to do this birthday party for my little angel as it's his 1st birthday! :-)