I Agree with all comments. SBM was great at one time, but I feel with Designers hands being tied, answers not happening quickly, and Facebook coming into the picture and taking the place of the Groove it has slowly choking its self out.

I have Always opened SBM first thing to see whats happening. Years ago when you would open SBM there was several pages of post to go through read and see LOs. Now its Dead.... Sometimes there are only a few post to read, if any???

I understand that Life is busy now days, but I still come and check on my Scrapping buddies. I hope SBM don't go by the Wayside.

The Challenges do Help newbies Learn.
I will always remember my First Challenge. Fiona hosted it; I had just got my software and couldn't figure out how to even turn the picture.... lol it took me Hours to make one page. I kept asking questions and everyone HELPED and was excited to Help!!! Now the newbies ask questions and there are only a few that try to help. This could also hurt sales of the program!!! I told everyone about this awesome new program, but if I wouldn't have had the help, do you think I would have???

I don't know the answer to the problem, but I do feel more involvement by SBM owners and IT, would be one answer. You have to be involved or it will wilt away. I know the Designers use to be involved greatly, but if they are frustrated they will get burnt out. Which causes another issue, like what we are seeing now.

SBM is the Coach - The coach's Job Keep the Team going encouraging and removing road blocks so the Team can perform at the highest Level possible

Just my thoughts on this subject