Are you ready for another challenge?

It is the 1st of February here, so I am onto it straight away this month!

I am sitting here drinking my coffee, after sending Rick off to work with a big bag full of goodies for his lunch and snacks, feeling very happy with myself, why? Because I am in my HOME!!!

I am enjoying the silence, no little rug rats disturbing my peace, no mental cat meowing just to hear her own voice, our own privacy, etc, etc.

Don't get me wrong, we really appreciated Ricks brother and family having us there, but there is somethiung to be said about being in your own home (even if it is rented )

So enter the "Love my home" challenge.

There are many ways we can do this challenge you could pick a favourite room in your house, or even a favourite spot in your garden, take a photo of it and explian why you like it. Do you have more than 1 favourite room? well this challenge lasts the whole month do as many as you like!

Alternatively, do you have a room you want to remodel, change the furniture around, paint, or something, why not take a photo now and show us what it looks like and what you want to do to it, do it this month and show us what you did when it's finished.

There are many possibilities for this challenge, but the theme is "Love my Home" so you choose how you want to play!

Here is my LO, I used Deanne Gowsmiths Wispy Kit for this one