Ok so I am off tomorrow for a few days, I am going to start a new challenge!

What I want you to do is tell me what you want to accomplish this year, I want a double page LO and I want a detailed journaling on one side on what you want to do and how yout think you can accomplish it and whtever else you think you need to say. The page doesn't have to be mirror imaged, but obviously flow as one.

I want it to be a personal goal, not a family one, it is all about you!

There are a number of things I can think off to help show you want I mean

Lose weight
Be more organized
Stop a habit
Grow a garden
etc, etc, etc

We are going to continue this through the year and each month I want an updated LO to show how much of our goal we have accomplished. So don't make it a flippant choice, if you want to grow a garden, I want to see a month by month growth progress.

If you want to lose weight, I want a detailed summary of how you are going.

Get the picture?

I want you to use the same kit throughout each month so the theme is the same and it looks similar, why? You might want to make a book out of it.

Ok let's see what you come up with!!

Don't expect to see me too often over the next few days/week, but hopefully I can check in now and again