Deanne, My Sweet Dear, Thank You So Much for thinking I am a Young Whipper Snapper BUT

It wasn't before my Time I have a Zip Lock bag with abt 50 rolls of 35mm, 1 disc camera film, and 1 of the old Kodak 110 that never got developed. There is no telling what is on them rolls.

I Love Digi Cameras, because you can see the picture right then; Eyes closed - Delete, Bad Lighting - Delete.... No more of going to pick up your pictures and they are all messed up!!

By the way, remember the Kodak camera with the square bulb on top that would only flash 4 times, then had to be replaced. You took a picture, pulled it out of camera, had to time it, and then peel the paper off to expose the picture you took? My Parents had that until I was about 7 or 8, then 35mm started making the scene