Hello Everyone!

Behind the scenes, we have been dealing with a large number of spam sign ups and posts in recent days. We have made changes and taken a number of measures to address the problem behind the scenes to keep the forums fun and spam-free. In the process we had to delete numerous spam posts that were being added to the forums.

Unfortunately, as we were cleaning up, some legitimate posts may have been accidentally deleted, including a challenge thread. We aren't able to retrieve what was deleted. We are very sorry that in trying to rid the forums of spam posts, some legitimate posts from our members were lost. We feel badly about this and it was certainly not our intention to delete your posts.

Once again, we're sorry if our clean up effort affected anything you may have posted. We hope you will re-post soon and often!

Thank you to those who report spam posts when they appear - we really appreciate it and ask that you continue to do so. It really helps!

on behalf of the Scrapbook MAX! Team