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    Talking New from Vancouver Island, Canada

    I just bought the program and am waiting for the disks to arrive. I was glad to see so many talented people making embellishments that I can download. I have never done scrapbooking before but I like using my computer so this should be fun.

    I did try other programs as well but this one was the clear winner. It was easy to export to a .jpg which was one thing I was looking for. I have already put a picture of my black cat into a Halloween Frame, thank you Bobby Bear!!

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    Smile Welcome!

    So glad you're here! Beware, though! It's addictive! You keep discovering new things and the members are so generous with their time and talent!


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    Hi Alixmm.... Welcome to the forum!

    I was up your way back in 1978, and totally love the island. It's one of the most beautiful place I ever seen.

    You're going to love this place. We're a cool bunch. Well, a couple of odd balls here and there, but most of us are ok.

    So, enjoy!


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    Hi and welcome to the forum Alixmm! There is very nice people here.

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