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    Question getting started

    hello fellow scrapers:

    i am new to what i thought was a wonderful way to display all these bags of photos i have accumulated over the years. i watch all the scrapbook shows, have purchases loads of supplies and have yet to make a page. am i sad or what? help, where do i start? i love the max digtial software sample, as i am now in to digital photos

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    Welcome to the Scrapbook MAX! online community. Reading this post in the FAQ section is a big help:

    Also be sure to watch the videos found here:

    You also might want to check out the Scrapbook Layout Gallery for inspiration! Good luck.

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    Default Welcome.

    Once you start their is no stopping you. You can make more beautiful pictures this way then the other way. I have done both ways. I am now using scrapbook Max developers to do my pages and they do a reall excellent job.12x12 and all I have to do is put it in the sleeve of my book and it is all done. Have fun.

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    Smile Welcome!

    Boy - do I remember the scrapbooking shows, buying and buying stuff and then hating to get it all out! This is the greatest way to scrapbook. It's all on the computer! No glue, no cutting, no $$$$ at the scrapbooking store. You're going to love it!


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    I have found that it is so much easier to find time for my digi-scrapping than it was to drag out my bags of goodies and find the right bits for paper scrapping. It is surprising how quickly you work through your "stacks" of photos when you sort them electronically and have the motivation of being able to share them with you friends and family - and your friends here through the gallery.


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    I have spent hundreds on craft gear. Storage bags, kits, QVC, shops, ebay, Creative memories and I still kept buying! Card stuff too. It's all in bags and drawers and a shop is all I need as I've got so many unused packages its a disgrace!

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    I used the trial version of the Scrapbook Max and it worked good enough for me to decide to purchase. But now I can't load my photo's. What am I doing wrong. When I click on my jpg photo it say that it's loading picture but nothing shows up on my scrapbook page. Can anyone help?

    crystal in calif.

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