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    Lightbulb How to add blinkie or buttons/images to signature in forum

    Many times over the years people have asked "How to add a button/blinkie/image to my signature in the forum like other people have?"
    So here is a quick tutorial on how it's done.

    1. You will need a photo bucket account or similar that will give you the http direct link you require.
    2. Upload your image to photo bucket making sure it's not TOOO LARGE or it will take up all for forum space. Recommended Blinkie Size = 150 x 50 pixels. This is the most ideal and only around 30 KB.
    Please remember to keep them very small.
    Should you wish to grab my blinkie from my signature, then please feel free to. (right click and save to your computer where you can remember it is and upload to and follow the simple steps in my tutorial.

    And now the video link. Hope this helps you out. You support means a lot. Thanks and Cheers.
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