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    Default The Groove September 2012 Freebie Challenge

    Welcome to The Groove's Monthly Freebie Challenge!

    Welcome to our "freebie" scrapbooking challenge!

    All you need to do is download the freebie to make your challenge pages. Then, create a layout (or layouts) that steps up to the challenge, upload it to the

    Groove Newsletter Challenges gallery and post a link to your layout in a reply to this thread.

    Details about this month's freebie and challenge by Carolyn Ritter below!

    The Challenge: Colors of the Season!

    Carolyn has created a kit full of sumptuous fall colors, so the first step is to create an autumn-themed page with at least one photo and using as many of the kit items as possible.

    Next, make a copy of that page in ScrapbooK MAX!. Find a photo (or as many photos as you used in the first layout) from another season (winter, spring or summer). Replace the original photo or photos with the new photo(s). Then, re-color the elements on the page to reflect the new season that you have chosen. So, for example, you may recolor everything to a brighter hue for summer, recolor to cooler, frostier hues for winter, or pastels for spring.

    Important: make sure that when you re-color, that all your elements (embies, papers, etc.) coordinate to the new color scheme!

    Need a refresher on how to colorize your items in Scrapbook MAX!? Check out the helpful tutorials found here:

    For colorizing Embellishments and Paper Scraps:

    For colorizing text objects (captions, ribbon text, journal text):

    * * * *
    Be sure to check out the September 2012 issue of The Groove. Get inspired to join a challenge, and 'meet' a member of our Scrapbook MAX! Design Team!
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    (Thanks to Donna Thomas (autisticwonder) for the great blinkie!)
    Click here to grab your own Scrapbook MAX! banners and blinkies (scroll down to "Banners")


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