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    I am very new (yesterday) and decided to try the trial version first. I did want to use a different kit, so I bought it and downloaded it. I can see it on my computer, but it doesn't load when I go to choose the theme. Please help. I am using Vista.

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    When you open Scrapbook MAX! you can choose a theme, right. But the themes are sets of templates... or existing projects.

    And you said that you have purchased a kit... and not a set of templates :-)

    So don't worry!

    Open a BLANK PROJECT. You'll get a blank page. Then select Add embellishments... browse to the kit in the appropriate dialog box and you'll see the embellishments relevant to the kit...
    Same thing for paperscraps if the kit has paperscraps (smaller sizes than background papers), otherwise browse to the background papers for the relevant kit.

    Hope that it helps.

    Don't forget that you have access to the online help in Scrapbook MAX! (last option in the menu bar).



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