Birdie birdie in the sky what pretty pastel colors can you spy? Back with another whimsical bird character, cute embies in a soft spring pastel pallet. Perfect for those light spring days, or maybe a new arrival on the way!

Colors of Spring Part I includes 56 embies and 21 background papers.

Colors of Spring

Colors of Spring Part II includes 52 embies and 17 background papers.

Colors of Spring

Colors of Spring Part III includes 12 frames and 5 shapes.

Colors of Spring

Well, to be honnest, I wasn't sure at all if I would release this kit because of the colors (they aren't my favorite colors so it was really fastidious for me to create layouts)... Then I have asked the input of the SBM users on this forum. They said that I would release it... so it is... So let's see now. Thank you very much for your input.

Then I have also decided to release it at "un petit prix" (small price or cheap price... LOL... Don't know how to translate it).

I'll come soon with some layouts to show you the kind of layouts you could make with this kit...

Please feel free to leave comments in this post. It's always a pleasure and also helpful to read comments.