Hi Everyone - My mum broke her hip on Thursday - fell in the bathroom (actually fainted from what we call a visual migraine - she gets flashing lights in her eyes, wiggly lines etc - light headed). Unfortunately I wasn't home at the time but arrived luckily just about 15 minutes after she fell. I called the ambulance straight away as the pain was extreme when she tried to move just even a little. Sure enough - broken hip and she banged her head on the floor also (concrete floor).

Anyway - she is in hospital - they operated in the afternoon and put metal plates in and screws etc. Today, she isn't moving much and any movement in the bed she is in extreme pain again. She is 79 years old. I think she is gonna be in hospital for another 3 or 4 days perhaps. They won't let her out until she is walking and then with a walking frame. Just hope she recovers quickly.