hi everyone

Gosh my woes are so small compared with what our amazingly inspirational Michelle (wolvsie) has been going through, but I thought I'd give you a quick update .... and to warn you I'll be around a lot more mwhahaha

Well... my kidney stones all passed by themselves luckily and done no damage to the kidneys themselves although they have it appears scarred the tubes to the bladder, which they promise to sort when I eventually get my bladder prolapse operation (oh, and I now apparently have 4 kidneys!, two separate ones on the left and a conjoined one on the right made up of two compartments - no wonder I could never get drunk!!!)

Doctor now has me on mega high dosage of antibiotics for two weeks to see if it's a deep routed infection or an abcess somewhere (They think saw what looks like an abcess in my pancreas, but the kidney doctor could only send a hinted emailed to my doctor as it's not his department - hospital politics!) - I am half way through the course and waiting to see if they help lessen the pain and symptoms (short single courses of antibiotics in the past have lessened the pain for a few days so fingers crossed)

I am feeling better in myself, which is a good thing - hopefully they'll have me all fixed soon so I can annoy you all more

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