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    Really a great attitude Michelle, my prayers for you.

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    Thanks Omajo......Nice to hear from you...I miss you not being around.....Hope you can come back soon......

    Update on my situation....
    I am walking with a cane, but most of the time I am walking by myself without anything for support now....I feel great!!! My blood work is where it should be for everything they test....even my iron is normal....I couldn't be happier....Thanks for all your support....You are all true friends for sure....
    Also, our bid was accepted for the house we wanted...We have been doing alot of the end of this month will be hard for me to be here....we move on the 25th and 26th....we sign papers on the 23rd....I'm so excited.....I haven't slept in my bed since Feb...because of the stairs....I could now, but its too only have a window AC in the living room....and it doesn't go I can't wait...If you would like to see it, before they take it off line...Click on this link and you can see what we bought....
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    Congrats on the house and your health. I am so happy to hear things are going well for you right now. Take care moving and may God bless you and your family.


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